Best VR Headsets 2018 – Top 10 Expert Reviews

1. Daydream View: Best Buy

Top 10 Day Dream VR Headsets reviewOne of many VR headsets and you’ll have this one good choice. It comes with features like a VR controller, volume control, and motion sensors for a good gaming fun.

Adjustment is easy with straps and lenses too. Pairing it is easy because of the open platform with good compatibility.

The VR controller is used as a pointer and motion sensors that double the fun. Calibration is done automatically with the mobile and game when using it.

Cardboard apps are playable as well, some non-official products that are great for this VR headset.


The one to get and have all you need for a complete virtual experience.


  • Easy use and adjustment.
  • Straps and adjustable lens.
  • VR controller.
  • Open Platform.
  • Easy Calibration.
  • Good Virtual Reality Interface.


no sign  Need to install Nougat.
no sign  No Built-in sensor.

2. Samsung Gear VR: Perfect for Samsung users

Top 10 Samsung Gear VR Headsets review

One of the best VR headset for Samsung phones hands down. Compare this to other VR headsets and it has built-in sensors that supplement the gyroscope in phones.

A VR environment that can be loaded, updated, and moved in-between your apps. The controller has a media pointer, track pad, volume, and a motion sensor for games.

Access to Oculus Apps will be a plus for this headset. Not compatible with Cardboard apps, this can be a deal breaker. Good stuff in one package!

The controller has a media pointer, track pad, volume, and a motion sensor for games. Access to Oculus Apps will be a plus for this headset. Not compatible with Cardboard apps, this can be the deal breaker. Good stuff in one package!



Can’t play Cardboard apps that is a bit of a letdown, that it can’t scale down to simpler games.


  • Built-in sensor.
  • Controller.
  • Oculus App market.
  • Straps and adjustable lens.


  • Cannot play Google Cardboard.

3. FiiT VR 25: Android iOS compatible

Top 10 FiiT VR 25 VR Headsets review
With this VR headset has a field of vision that is 102 degrees, compared to others with 96 degrees.

The border at the edges of the viewing field is noticeable, but not be that distracting.

Since you’ve got adjustable lenses, tweaking it will help a lot when looking through the visor.

No sensors included, so you need the gyros of mobile phones which are not that critical.

Many available VR headsets do not come with sensors too. Cardboard-compatible and it will play with many apps like Android and iOS, and Cardboard too.

Glasses can fit in the visor; it will be good for those needing Rx glasses.

Simple yet with good features and compatible to Android and iOS.


  • Wide field of vision 102 degrees/Better viewing field.
  • Google Cardboard-Compatible.
  • Can fit glasses.
  • Android and iOS compatible.
  • Adjustable lenses and Straps.


  • No control buttons.
  • No controller.
  • No Built-in sensor.

4. Mattel View-Master: Kid friendly

Top 10 Mattel View-Master VR headsets Review
What is included in this package are “augment reality: experience reels” much like the View master toy from way back, a fully fledged VR headset despite how it looks.

“Experience Reels” included in the set; to entice buyers to get this option for kids too.

Viewing through the reels what you see are holo 3D images that look real. A simple toy that simulates VR, nothing more.



Other fun alternatives to get more “Virtual Images” are by grabbing VR apps from the internet. If you’re an iPhone user, there’s a button on the headset that they can use.


  • Straps and adjustable lens.
  • Fun to use for kids.
  • View Master Experience Reels included in package.


  • Not a dedicated VR headset.
  • No Built-in sensor.

5. Bobo VR Z4: Field of view champ

Top 10 Bobo VR Z4 VR Headsets Review Want a VR headset that comes with enough features? Then is just perfect.

The field of vision is about 120 degrees and it has built-in headphones, volume dial, also a control button as an added feature as well.

All these features will allow you to use it unlike other VR headsets that use a VR controller.

Lightweight, where glasses can fit, with a see through cover VR, power and audio wires have dedicated holes for insertion, lenses are adjustable, with enough space in the phone holder.

If you’re not in for a more full-featured one, this will do!



All these features will make the VR headset portable, having convenient openings will make it easy to insert wires if needed, and anyone can adjust the lens to their liking. One of the most inconvenient hassles is that your phone will not fit into the holder, but this option can fit most of them with no problem.


  • Straps and adjustable lens.
  • Field of vision is 120 degrees.
  • Built-in head phones.
  • Volume dial.
  • Control button.
  • Openings for wires in the headset.


  • Some phones will not fit in the cradle.
  • No controller.
  • No Built-in sensor.

6. Homido V2

Top 10 Homido V2 VR Headsets Review
Easy as pie with this VR headset which can fit the latest iOS and Androids into the cradle easily.

Made with a bigger sized frame; with good built quality to it and it comes with a carrying case and cleaning cloth included in the package as well.

With a clear field of 100 degrees of vision that minimizes the blurring on the edges, this added feature is improved by minor lens adjustment too.

An added capacitative button for game control that is more visually immersive. Among VR headsets this will hold newer models that are larger.



If you compare it to another offering, this can be one of the pricier options but it has the features that make it worth it.


  • Field of vision is 100 degrees.
  • iOS and Android Compatibility.
  • Carrying case with cloth to clean lens.
  • Good construction/Visually immersive.
  • Cradle can load bigger phones.
  • Capacitative button.
  • Straps and adjustable lens.


  • No controller.
  • No Built-in sensor.

7. Homido Mini: Ultra Portable

Top 10 Homido Mini VR Headsets review

An excellent VR headset option which is the smallest and most portable one you can get!

So small and ultra compact that is much different from most VR headsets. The ease of changing apps without fiddling about, that is unlike other options.

For those who don’t like enclosed places; this will allow them to enjoy the VR experience. It comes with a QR code for pairing, without searching online for it.



With all these advantages; it does come with some disadvantages like no dedicated carrying case, so it can get lost. The VR headset is so compact and light that is its strong point.


  • Super portable.
  • Come with QR code when installing.
  • No hindrance when touching the screen.


  • It is not like most enclosed visor designs.
  • No Built-in sensor.

8. Leji VR Mini: Colorful and Fun

Top 10 Leji VR Mini VR Headsets Review

Once you open the package; inside is a VR headset with a 96 degree, visual field.

The cradle will hold phones with screens at 4.7 to 6.0 inches, it can holder models too.

The frame is light weight compared to other VR headsets. Glasses can be worn while wearing this VR headset.

There are no issues with the lenses because they are adjustable and with standard features as well.

It has open sides to slip in wires for the earphones so that you can have a better VR experience with sound! Get this for a definite VR experience.



One of the drawbacks is a missing controller that enhances the VR experience, but some retailers will have a control bundled in as well. There is no QR code included so you need to look for one yourself online!


  • Can hold phones as big as 4.7 to 6.0 inches.
  • Field of vision is 96 degrees.
  • Straps and adjustable lens.


  • No controller.
  • No Built-in sensor.

9. Goggle Tech C1 Glass: Carry anywhere

Top 10 Goggle Tech C1 Glass VR headsets Review

Look closely and what you’ll see is a VR headset that is simple and bare basic at most.

It has arms that clamp on the mobile firmly so that it won’t move about when mounted.

The open construction will allow easy access to the screen without hindrance. What you get is four fun colors and a carrying case to keep it from getting lost.



This is the simplest and most minimal 3D VR headsets to choose from.


  • Super portable.
  • No hindrance when touching the screen.


  • It is not like most enclosed visor designs.
  • No Built-in sensor.

10. Merge VR: Best option for the money!

Top 10 Merge VR VR Headsets Review

You can fit any mobile in the cradle that’s 4-7 inches in size with ease; with screens getting larger this will be a very useful VR headset to get.

This option has the good built quality that exceeds most options!  Made from lightweight and flexible foam that makes it very durable and it comes in bright purple.

Most of the features that come with this option are controls for adjusting the lens, with touch friendly and conductive widgets, and other control functions as well.

This is the VR headset that sets it apart from any other VR headsets!



Not as fancy as the other more full-featured options, but worth the trouble!


  • Can hold phones as big as 4.0 to 7.0 inches.
  • Straps and adjustable lens.
  • Good construction/Visually immersive.
  • Touch friendly and conductive widgets.
  • VR headset has many apps.


  • No controller.
  • No Built-in sensor.

What features should you consider when choosing the top 10 VR Headsets?

While going over  Virtual Reality headsets, we glossed over many options with features that made them or broke them as candidates for the best product.

True, this is an exciting innovation for a peripheral but if it has too many bugs, it will dampen the experience very much. There are many VR headsets to get and knowing what features to look for will result in an A-1 choice for anyone.

Even if the price is an issue for some, many companies, app developers are striving to make a better VR headset that take advantage of the best features.

Just take note of all good features then look over everything, and then see what’s best for you!

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