The Best Turntable 2018 – Top 10 Expert Reviews

1.Audio Technica Fully Automatic Stereo Turntable

Top 10 Audio Technica Best Turntable reviewThe sounds of yesteryears with this pick from the “Top 10: Best Turntable Buyer’s Guide 2017”.

It has an automatic belt drive that spins the records on it. It could play records at 33 1/3 to 45 rpm speeds which are standard for premium turntables.

It has connectivity to a computer, stereo, speakers or any external device that can use the RCA output and two output cable adapters.

The stylus on the phono cartridge is replaceable. It comes in attractive blue.

This turntable that will make listening to the old tunes and experience if you find it in the Top 10: Best Turntable Buyer’s Guide 2017


Retro music comes alive on this attractive “best turntable” that evokes memories


Auto belt-drive
Two dual speeds of 33-1/3and 45 RPM
Die-cast aluminum platter
Replaceable stylus
Pre-amplifier add-on
RCA output for connectivity
Two output adapter cables
Two output adapter cables
45 RPM adapter
Removable hinged dust cover
Blue finish


No file conversion from vinyl

2.Innovative Technology Aviator ITVS-750B 7-in-1 Turntable

Top 10 Innovative Technology Aviator ITVS-750B Best Turntable reviewIf you like retro styling; then you’ll like what comes with this best turntable that is one of the offers in the “Top 10: Best Turntable Buyer’s Guide 2017”.

It uses a wood cabinet housing that meets modern with old. This has Bluetooth that can stream sound from any mobile device and whatever app that you like to use.

It has a USB capability, MP3, can play vinyl records and all these make this an all-in-one retro machine. Other extras are 3.5-mm auxiliary jack as an alternative to “Bluetooth” connectivity.

It has 3-speeds that play clear sound from generations ago. The old meets the new and now you’ve got music that will play on! Look for it in the Top 10: Best Turntables Buyer’s Guide 2017.


When new meets old this is what retro-styling is about. All the modern put into a dated theme, retro at its best.


AUX input
33 1/3, 45, 78-RPM
Unique wood construction
Bluetooth connectivity
File conversion from vinyl
Full function remote control
With stereo speakers
3.5mm, RCA aux-in
USB capability


Save & Share Music Files

3. Pyle Bluetooth Turntable Speaker System

Top 10 Pyle Bluetooth Best Turntable reviewRetro over modern sleek? This Best Turntable package is one of the options in the “Top 10:Best Turntable Buyer’s Guide 2017”, it will turn the clock once you’ve got it.

This turntable offering combines classic looks with modern styling. It plays 3-speeds that allow you to play any 33 1/3, 45, and 45 to 78 RPM vinyl records.

Integrated AM/FM radio or a CD player that expands your music options. Recording from vinyl records into an MP3 format can be done!

If you’re tired of the usual music formats; why not rediscover the magic of vinyl records with this turntable and all it has a lot to offer in function and looks. Great options and more in the Top 10:Best Turntable Buyer’s Guide 2017.


Rediscover the old sound with this retro-inspire turntable, with all the bells and whistle and even with vinyl to MP3 recording! To preserve memories.


Retro styling
Extra Stereo Speakers
Bluetooth  connectivity
Streaming capable
33-1/3, 45, 78 RPM
Aux input
USB & SD Memory Readers
Built-in Speakers
RCA (L/R) Output
Conversion from Vinyl to MP3
Save & Share Music Files


No Bluetooth connectivity


4. Tech Play Turntable

Top 10 Tech Play Best Turntable reviewHere is one of the best Turntable that is a choice in the Top 10: Best Turntable Buyer’s Guide 2017″, it comes in a compact size and plays all kind of music media with a retro feel.

It comes with a speaker that’s built-in and with extra jacks for extra speakers too.

This comes with extras like headphones and AUX inputs with led indicator lights too! This turntable can play at 3-speeds (33, 45, and 78 rpm) which are good for any option!

Connectivity points for SD slots and USB ports that convert vinyl into an MP3, playable on other media as well.

Merging old and new with all these features is what this one of the best turntables is about! Retro hits the spot with this option in the Top 10: Best Turntable Buyer’s Guide 2017.


No problem for retro audiophiles here, because it has speakers for instant satisfaction!


Pitch Adjustments
LED lights
Stereo Speaker System
SD and USB ports combo
MP3 format. Playback
Records in MP3
AUX in and RCA line out
45 RPM adapter
Multiple voltage adaptor


No Bluetooth connectivity

5. Crosley C100 A-SI Turntable

Top 10 Crosley C100 A-SI Best TurntableTurntable reviewAre you looking for a new listening experience the look at the “Top 10:Best Turntable Buyer’s Guide 2017”; this turntable will not let you down with its S-shaped tone arm with an adjustable weight for countering, a strobe pitch control that is adjustable too.

This turntable option has a phono preamp which is built-in.

An anti-skate function will keep the vinyl record from getting scratched and avoids distortion of the music.

Getting the best sound using the strobe pitch with a preamp  uilt-inb.

The turntable is about 13.75 by 6 inches and weighs in at 9.5 pounds.

An external output like RCA and AUX inputs will connect other accessories that make it is an excellent full-featured option as one of the selections in The Top 10:Best Turntable Buyer’s Guide 2017!


It has no file conversion or Bluetooth connectivity that could have made it better.


Belt Driven Turntable
Diamond Stylus Needle
2 play speeds
33 1/3 and 45 RPM Records
Adjustable Pitch Control
Adjustable Tone Arm Weight
Anti-Skate Adjustment
Auxiliary Output
RCA Phono Output
Transparent Protective Lid
High Tech ABS Construction


No Conversion from Vinyl to MP3
No Bluetooth  connectivity

6. Onkyo CP-1050 Direct Drive Turntable

 Top 10 Onkyo CP-1050 Direct Drive Best Turntable reviewMiss the classic component systems that have a very polished turntable, go to the “Top 10:Best Turntable Buyer’s Guide 2017”.

This turntable reproduces analog sound with a smooth low-torque direct drive motor.

It plays vinyl records quietly and it has record speeds of 45 RPMs, with an adaptor for playing smaller records.

Lesser vibrations with MDF and 12-inch aluminum platter and an anti-slip rubber pad will keep the record stable on this best turntable.

This improves with precise and stable rotations with added quartz lock control. Overall; all these features will make this turntable that sleek and silent while producing great vinyl music as an option in the Top 10:Best Turntable Buyer’s Guide 2017.


This best turntable plays  great music, and has that retro vibe going . It could be better; if it had file conversion and Bluetooth connectivity.


Smooth Low-torque direct-drive motor
Die-cast 12-inch aluminum platter
Reduced vibration (MDF construction)
Signal-to-noise ratio over 60 dB


No Bluetooth  connectivity

7. U-Turn Audio Orbit Turntable With Ortofon OM-5E Black Cartridge

Top 10 U Turn Audio Orbit Best Turntable reviewWhat you got is an excellent option from the “Top 10: Best Turntable Buyer’s Guide 2017”.

It has a rubber suspension and a 24-volt synchronous motor is not connected to the base or plinth of the turntable.

Smooth platter rotation results in better overall sound quality. This best turntable will play at 33-1/3 or 45 RPM any vinyl record. Add-ons are RCA cables, felt mat, dust cover for covering, and a guide to help with getting it setup.

This turntable can be setup as fast as 30 seconds from the box! That’s what to expect from any choice in the Top 10: Best Turntables Buyers Guide 2017.


This turntable plays steady music, and has that retro vibe  with a classic look . No file conversion and Bluetooth connectivity that should be a standard in turntables like this.


Great performance
Setup and use is easy
Built-in phono preamp
Ortofon OM 5E cartridge
Machined acrylic platter
Manual belt drive
33/45 RPM
Extras add-ons


No Bluetooth  connectivity

8. 1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable

Top 10 1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Best Turnatable ReviewThis is all about retro that is integrated with modern functions as well and you’ll find it in the “Top 10: Best Turntable Buyers Guide 2017”.

You can record from vinyl to MP3 to preserve your old LP music forever. This has Bluetooth, plug and plays functions that are all about connectivity; how you play music is up to you!

An RCA line out for speakers to play loud music, if you’re in a dancing mood. What this machine gives is a dip into the past and present of musical history; like the vinyl records to the more modern formats.

If retro music is what you crave, then it’s just right for you, look in the Top 10: Best Turntable Buyer’s Guide 2017.


One of the better retro-turntables with modern add-ons, even with speakers!


Retro styling
Dust cover
33, 45,78RPMs
Vinyl-to-MP3 Recording
Built-in Full Range Stereo Speakers
Bluetooth and Plug & Play



9. Electrohome EANOS502

Top 10 Electrohome EANOS502 Best Turntable ReviewGet a peek into the “TOP 10: Best Turntable Buyer’s Guide 2017”, with this retro wooden cabinet, which is also a 4-in-1 turntable.

This beautiful package comes with everything you need like a headphone jack, with a ceramic needle that gives good musical playback compared to other options. This kind of ceramic needle will protect your precious vinyl from damage.

If you like playing several formats; this turntable can play vinyl records, CD’s, can stream digital music or attach mobile devices, and with AM/FM radio too.

But what makes it shine is that it can convert from vinyl to any MP3, and you don’t need a PC for that! All these and more in the Top 10: Best Turntable Buyer’s Guide 2017.


The past and the present in one swell option! Living the retro vibe with this cabinet design. Everything in here but it would have been better with Bluetooth.


Retro styling
Play vinyl, CD, AM/FM and MP3’s
USB and AUX compatible inputs
Full range speakers
Built-in speakers
Vinyl recording converted thru USB port
Ceramic needle will not harm the vinyl


No Bluetooth  connectivity

10. Crosley CR6234A-BT Dansette Junior Portable Turntable

Top 10 Crosley CR6234A-BT Dansette Junior best Turntable ReviewLooking for a new sound player, then take a look at “The Top10: Bes Turntable Buyers Guide” 2017.

What sets this turntable apart is the unique Dansette styling; that was popular in the 60’s. An antique looking turntable that can play vinyl records with speeds of 33 1/3 and at 45 RPM.

It is a belt driven with a diamond stylus needle, and speakers that are full ranged for good sound.

With aux input and outputs for connecting speakers and other mobile devices. Size-wise it is 20x17x10 inches and is 19 pounds.

This has a real retro feel and comes with great features! Turn back time and look for this in the Top 10: Best Turntable Buyer’s Guide 2017.


Great looking turntable but no vinyl to MP3 recording function and no Bluetooth will be a bit of a drawback.Unique styling and all the aux input and output for connectivity will minimize its shortcomings, with speakers included!


Turntable with belt-driven
33 1/3 and 45 RPMs
Stylus needle: Diamond
Auxiliary output and input
Full range stereo speakers


Bluetooth  connectivity

What  turntable should you get from the Top 10:Best Turntable Buyer’s Guide 2018

These retro or modern turntables are about the sound of vinyl that brings back memories, getting one of the “Top 10 Turntables” in the “Turntable Buyers Guide 2018” will bring back them back.

A host of modern features like Bluetooth, aux and RCA inputs, with other features for playing back great tunes! Any of the best turntable that have modern or retro looks, and they can even convert vinyl LP’s music into MP3 format too.

Other features will come into play that will improve the sound produced! Choose what brings out the best retro-sound and you’ll be rewarded with hours of listening pleasure.

Please do consider; what does suit you best! The Top 10:Best Turntable Buyers Guide 2018!

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